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OSA is a community run 'not for profit' site dedicated to keeping the 'classic house' sound alive. All media on the site is no longer available commercially and we have upmost respect for the artists who over the years have created these masterpieces.

Because of this you will find:
  • All audio in the OSA archive is available in low quality streaming format only.
  • Commercially available or currently released music is not allowed in any format.

We have an audio archive available to give visitors to the site a chance to hear music that otherwise they wouldnt be able to, these are only available in low quality mono streaming format which make them unsuitable for reproduction. Please dont ask us for high quality rips of any audio in the archives as you will not get them.

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Objectionable material is removed by the admin and mod team, of course OSA is a live forum and it is hard to keep track of every post made on there. We ask that any objectionable material you find please contact us and we will respond immediately.