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Sounds like an earthquake Sounds like an earthquake Sounds like an earthquake Sounds like an earthquake Sounds like an earthquake
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Thread: Sounds like an earthquake

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    Sep 2018

    Sounds like an earthquake

    Driving me crazy

    A chooon back in the day around the 92-95 era of crossover from d&b to jungle that had the dirtiest baseline that rolled round the room and the only lyrics I recall in it was ď sounds like an earthquake ď and blimey did it

    Please help a 42 yr old with this black hole in his head to remember what itís called who it was by please

    I heard it tumped out at a house when my mates parents was away and the next door neighbors mates set the decks up in his living room a weekend Iíll never forget apart from the bloody chooon

    Cheers people, and think hard

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    Mar 2012
    This sounds like one for Sonic or Presuming Ed.
    i know the feeling all too well . . . . .

    cant help im afraid, but interested to hear it when its solved

    good luck . . . .

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    Sep 2018
    Thanks and I canít wait too hopefully

    It would of been in my late teens when I last heard it

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    Sep 2018
    The first 30 secs or so of arsonist tune has a rolling bass line like the tune Iím after

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