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Thread: urban dictionary

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    over there

    urban dictionary

    Dont ask me how I stumbled across this , but its got everything in it you wont find in the standard dictionary and more.

    Urban Dictionary, October 7: ricist

    For example.......

    gonad :- Balls, Scrotum, Nuts, Bizalls, Jiz Bag, giggleberries, yogurt factory, nads, kahonies, ka-chachkas

    macturbate :- to pleasure oneself through use of an Apple product
    *Once Mike gets the new iPhone he's going to macturbate for a week straight.

    glutard :- One who does not possess the enzymes necessary to digest gluten, a main ingredient in wheat products. One who is "glutarded" must only eat gluten-free foods, such as water, tofu, and air.

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    A few years ago, we had a Polish girl join our team at work, first time in the UK. Her english was good, but she didn't get any of our slang, so someone pointed to Urban Dictionary. After a few months, she knew more slang than we did

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    Blimey Chris, that website is older than the hills mate. I'm pretty sure I added something to it once upon a time many many years ago.

    If you ever did a search for any bit of slang you heard here or elsewhere, then that would more than likely have been at the top of the search engines results

    There's even an app for it

    Looking for the perfect beat.

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