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Thread: '10/03' - Gatecrasher & Paul van Dyk – 3 Exclusive UK Dates.

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    '10/03' - Gatecrasher & Paul van Dyk – 3 Exclusive UK Dates.

    Since 1998 Gatecrasher & Paul van Dyk have held a very special relationship when he became a residents at Gatecrasher’s Sheffield venue and has since been a regular at Gatecrasher’s infamous trance nights throughout the world playing at Gatecrasher Summer Sound System, the never to be forgotten “2000GC” Millennium Eve Event at Don Valley Stadium and his legendary 6 hour sets which are now immortalized in clubbing history, with his last 6 hour set being the last ever Crasher at Gatecrasher One, before it burned down in June 2007.

    And now the match made in heaven is set to return when Gatecrasher present to you one of the world’s leading DJs and Grammy nominated artist Paul van Dyk for 3 Exclusive UK dates kicking off in Gatecrasher Seven, Leeds on September 25th, Cardiff Music Hall on October 1st and ending with a mammoth 6 hour set as part of Gatecrasher Birmingham’s 2nd Birthday celebrations on Saturday 2nd October.

    “Gatecrasher has played a vital role in my career, has always been one of my all time favourite clubs and will always hold very special memories for me” Paul van Dyk




    Saturday 25th September

    Gatecrasher Seven, Leeds

    Paul Van Dyk

    Riley & Durrant

    Will Holland

    After a sell out show back in Easter 2009, Van Dyk returns to Gatecrasher Seven in Leeds on Saturday 25th September for an exclusive intimate set. With limited tickets available for this event please purchase tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

    Advanced Tickets £15 + BF Std available from http://www.gatecrasher.com/tickets

    Friday 1st October

    Cardiff Millennium Music Hall

    Paul van Dyk

    Big Al

    Dave Eaves

    Not seen in Cardiff since January 2009, PvD will be returning to the welsh city with world renowned clubbing brand Gatecrasher on Friday 1st October, Please purchase tickets in advance for this hugely popular partnership not to be missed.

    Advanced Tickets £15 + BF Std available from http://www.gatecrasher.com/tickets

    Saturday 2nd October - please highlight this box and put 6 Hr Set

    GB’s 2nd Birthday – Part 2

    Gatecrasher Birmingham

    Paul Van Dyk – 6 Hr Set


    Akira Kayosa

    As part of Gatecrasher Birmingham’s 2nd Birthday celebrations, the one which you have all been waiting for, Paul van Dyk to headline on Saturday 2nd October with an exclusive mammoth 6 hr set. His regular 6 hour sets at Gatecrasher have previously won awards for being one of the best club nights ever so be warned and please purchase tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

    Advanced Tickets £20 + BF Std available from http://www.gatecrasher.com/tickets

    Paul Van Dyk – The DJ, The Producer, The Audio Architect.

    Grammy nominated artist and globally acclaimed DJ and audio architect Paul van Dyk continues to dominate the electronic music charts and appears at the pinnacle of every Top DJ list around the globe, having being crowned the World’s number 1 DJ twice in the DJ Mags Top 100 DJs. PvD, as his adoring fans have nicknamed him is also credited as being one of the hardest working artists in electronic music, with sold out tours across each continent, headline spots at every major festival and a hugely successful recording career, with over 3 million albums sold worldwide.

    10 Years Of Vandit

    Over the course of the decade more than 100 releases, Vandit Records has become a landmark imprint. Paul van Dyk is pleased to announce the 10 year anniversary of his globally acclaimed electronic dance music imprint Vandit Records with much thanks to you it’s loyal followers and all of the artists over the years.

    Gatecrasher Anthems Mixed By Paul van Dyk – Out Now!

    Following the success of the Gold selling smash hit Gatecrasher Trance Anthems 1993 – 2009 we bring you Gatecrasher Anthems missed by Paul van Dyk, an epic collaboration between two of the biggest trail blazers in trance, the mighty Gatecrasher lion itself and one of it’s favourite sons, Superstar DJ Paul van Dyk.

    Buy Now http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProduct...;-1&sku=673393

    Support Paul van Dyk in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs

    It’s that time of year again where you show your support to DJs all over the world. Having being crowned the top spot twice, let’s make this the third and support PvD in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs

    Vote Now http://www.top100djs.net/

    For more information and full event listings please visit www.gatecrasher.com

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    Gatecrasher catch up with Paul van Dyk ahead of his exclusive 6 hour set this Saturday at Gatecrasher Birmingham

    1. You have a long and famous history with Gatecrasher - what has been your most memorable gig for them so far?

    I did a very special 6 hours set at the original venue in Sheffield, which became somewhat legendary, I guess. Because of the length, I had the chance to present a wide range of electronic music to one of the most passionate crowds ever.

    2. How have music and clubs changed in ten years for you?

    Generally I don't look back, I look forward. Electronic music developed from a small subculture into the biggest music culture in the world. You can go wherever you want in the world and you will find people who love this music. I don't have to like everything that is going on. What I think electronic music should be like, you can hear in my weekly VONIC session podcast or in my VONIC session show.

    3. As someone at the top of their game, do you still have aspirations musically or otherwise that you've yet to fulfil?

    I am working on my next album right now, and it is always a challenge to fulfil my own expectation of what I do.

    4. How would you describe the PVD sound and live experience to new clubbers thinking of seeing you at a Gatecrasher Event?

    Well, I think electronic music has always been about breaking the boundaries, not only creatively but also in using the latest technology. When I play, I don't use vinyl or cd's anymore. I have two computers set-up on stage, that are synced with each other. And I have a custom made mixer Allen & Heath, a VCM 600 controller by Vestax and midi keyboards on stage. That enables me to be completely free in how I interact with my audience. It is more like playing live and a combination of both - my passion as a DJ and my passion as a musician and producer, it is very intense.

    5. What projects are you currently working on production or otherwise?

    We have 10 years of VANDIT records to celebrate this year, so I am touring a lot. Otherwise I am busy working on my new album.

    6. What should we tell Birmingham clubland to expect from your visit here on Saturday?

    Full on me!!! I love what I do and I think this is coming across and I am looking forward to come back to Birmingham, soon.

    7. Tell us about the new Gatecrasher Album

    It consists of three cd's that include some of the biggest tracks of all time, tracks that are huge right now and tracks that will be. I mixed it as I would do in a club. So it is all about the flow and to have a good time listening or even dancing to it. I hope you enjoy! :-)

    Thanks Paul and we will see you Saturday

    Gatecrasher Presents
    Paul van Dyk – Exclusive 6 Hr Set
    Saturday 2nd October
    Gatecrasher Birmingham
    Std Tickets £20+BF
    Please purchase tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. Get tickets now online at Tickets - Gatecrasher

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