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Thread: Anthemia presents the 80s OCT 16th

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    Nov 2005

    Anthemia presents the 80s OCT 16th

    Rammed to capacity (and beyond), and still had to turn 75+ people away!

    Apologies for the peeps that couldn't get in - to remedy this you need to contact us WAY before the event to reserve/pay for your ticket - We were sold out 3 weeks before the event.

    What an absolutely cracking night. Atmosphere was electric.

    Fantastic people, superb tunes, and NO hassle whatsoever! Where can you go these days with 250 smiley happy people and not have to worry about having trouble, and to cap it all off.....NO doormen!!

    Woody and TC made an entrance and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, hopefully they will post their own independent review of the night.

    I think the videos and pictures speak for themselves!!

    Videos: Videos

    Pictures: Gallery

    Peace to all you Anthemiacs that came and made the night a truly momentous occasion.


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    Jun 2009
    on't hill
    Another top night full off luvly peeps(rammed to the rafter's again),

    Not 1 ounce of trouble from anybody.

    Non stop tuneage all night crackin sets by both Nick and Chris.

    Definitely worth a visit if your in this neck of the woods.

    Bring on NYE i say

    Let's ave it!

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    Sep 2003
    Dysfunction Junction
    Another really busy night, with lots of up-for-it peeps everywhere you looked big up to the ones who make the effort to dress all 80's too, cool touch to the night
    Top tuneage and crowd, well done to Nick and Debs, another sucess :alcohol:

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