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Thread: Anthemia 80s nite

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    Jul 2001
    Rollin' in my 5.0 with my rag top down so my hair can blow

    Anthemia 80s nite

    Had a reet good doo some proper 80s classics belted out and everyone was mad for it Felt really young in there for a change haha will defo be partaking in future events Nice to see Nick and Debs again too, will speak to ya soon mate

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    Sep 2003
    Dysfunction Junction
    Got there slightly later than first anticipated, partly because we got lost in Leek and were wandering round in circles for ages.

    Finally spotted it and strolled in, peering beyond the entrance and remarking "Well, it looks pretty busy anyway..."
    Few steps more, and into what can only be described as a wall of heat and a seething mass of bodies everywhere you looked, all completely and utterly 'avin it!!
    Really busy, top friendly vibe, and everyone with no inhibitions whatsoever just going nuts on the dancefloor, and off the dancefloor too :banana:

    Plenty of peeps had made the effort to come dressed in 80's gear too which was funny and a nice touch to add to the night

    You know when you walk into a place to the strains of 'Geno' by Dexys Midnight Runners, follwed by The Jam's 'A town called Malice' you're onto a winner The place was going nuts, almost like they were on 80's invisible pogo sticks
    Even '9-5' by Dolly Parton got an airing!

    Quite a cool little venue too, had plenty of seating for the oldies to rest and even had a big fridge by the door so you could keep your drink cool when you went outside for a breather or smokers to smoke, as you couldnt take them outside
    But :shocked: the heat inside was unbelievable! That bouncing crowd certainly generated some warmth My hair almost instantly frizzed up a la Slash, just like it does on holiday lol

    It made such a refreshing change, not often I get to go to an 80's night and it was a right buzz :alcohol: Really helped cheer me up after a proper shitty day

    Give it a whirl people, well worth it

    and everyone was really chatty and friendly too

    Cheers Nick and Deb
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    Nov 2005


    Big up to Woody & TC. Deb, Chris, and I are really pleased you made the effort and turned up. It was great to see you again after IMH back in February!! (How time flies).
    I have just uploaded a load of videos to the ANTHEMIA website. Feel free to check them out Peeps! :


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    Jul 2007
    Gutted that we missed this one as we were really looking forward to it,but something came up last minute and we weren't able to come. Glad that it was as sucssessful as the last. Cant wait for the next, will most def be there xx

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