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Thread: A Reckless Rave!! - Bank Holiday Sunday Old Skool Special with Altern8!!!

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    A Reckless Rave!! - Bank Holiday Sunday Old Skool Special with Altern8!!!

    Well what else can i say but the place fookin rocked. Got to Fatcats courtesy of Nics - next time i'll do the directing hun!! and met up with Mark A and B, had a quick bevvy and then got up to the Sugarmill. Pete B was on the decks as we got there and although we got there quite early the place soon started to fill up. Pete was his usual ace self, playing the tunes that have made the bank holiday speshs so good over the past years. By the time Altern 8 came on the place was rammed.
    Go to say that me and Bill have been to loads of bank holiday nights at Reckless over the years and this was the best i can remember in a very long time......Excellent set Mr Archer and Mr Butler Loved every minute of it.
    There were many highlights of the night like shaky head man and the sexy curly haired men( still cant get over that you asked him what shampoo he used Nics...it must be vosene!!) But the main talking point was the nutter who poor Mark had to put up with, personally i would have told her to fook off or drag her over the dex. I think that i have managed to find a photo that pinpoints the exact time of the start of the rant..... ha ha ha.

    It was really nice to meet Nick Sheldon and his lovely girlfriend (sorry i have forgot your name ). You are a legend for dancing behind that nutter!! Nics hun, glad you got home safe, your a fully fledged reckless raver now, heres to many more nights out Stoke stylee. Hello to Mark B, really good to meet you again and Mr Archer - always a pleasure and next time i WILL do my caterpillar, think i need more Jagermeiser in me first!!
    Reminder to self...wear flats next time, i am in so much pain!

    I noticed that the next bank holiday (1st one of May) is a Golden classics night and i think that the tunes that are being played are older Golden tunes not early stuff but i may be wrong. Hope more peeps can make future bank holiday nights
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