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    Join Date
    Dec 2002
    The NORTH...well the Great Border City to be exact!

    sample_city Profile

    OSA Radio Slot:
    Wednesday 6pm-7pm

    Gregg Nugent


    Carlisle - The Great Border City

    Preferred Styles:
    mid 80's chicago house to early 00's french tech house and anything inbetween!

    Been Playing For:
    on and off since early 90's

    heavily into 80' groove, then rap, and found myself in the acid/rave scene and just continued along them lines, still sometimes like to go back to my prog rock & hard bop jazz roots!
    annabells, vaults, pagoda, clouds, fantasy - carlisle
    gemms - penrith
    streetrave, rezerection - various scotland
    phobia - various england
    loads of clubs & one off's - everywhere
    zone (jenks) - blackpool
    aurora, fresh & funky, perfect - carlisle
    Melting Pot, Carlisle

    Upcoming Gigs:
    Resident (1 of many!!) The Melting Pot, Carlisle
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    The Melting Pot | Carlisle | www.themeltingpot.info the online home of The Melting Pot

    Past Guest Spots:
    few private parties
    Fresh & Funky, Carlisle
    Back to the Oldskool, Carlisle (our own project along with Stu Windsor & Tony Graham)
    Creme de Coco, Carlisle
    Retrogressive, Carlisle
    Sanctuary, Carlisle
    Scottish Soulful Weekender, Dumfries http://www.scottishsoulfulweekender.com

    loads knocking around the net!
    sample-city - Old Skool dj mixes from The Great Border City in United Kingdom

    p.m me
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