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Thread: I'm Melting...I'm Melting!!!

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    Dec 2007
    Kiss me brown eye
    "Hayden" (first name but never used) Geoff Ainsley, Adam, his band was called A pencil (i shit you not!!!)
    Nick name stub....
    The list of names this bloke can name drop about the birth of the scene round here is legendary! He was how i was introduced to em.....

    We used to carry on the party in a big semi belonging to a guy called Ged ??????? in Ashton, and could often be found on the decks there- Maybe the same guy hence confusion of last name?

    Oh yeah he's got different colour irises after a childhood accident, that should narrow it down!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chinatownswhite View Post
    walking the dog you have to do it
    Take the dog for a walk and getting collared by a complete stranger who wants to talk dogs, and then they invite themselves into to your walk and tag along and continue to ask you questions that you know but really you struggle to answer them, and the whole time you keep saying to yourself they know they know I'm off my nut . and cant wait to get home to your safty room and worry about the next time you bump into them.
    ...And when you do walk you're concentrating SOOO hard on keeping in a straight line whilst at the same time you feel like you're trying to wade through a vat of treacle and you're just about keeping it together then suddenly your arm jolts and you realise you've just nearly pulled the dogs head off coz you've been walking that fast and he's wondering why you are going at 100 miles an hour so you bend down to see if he's OK and collapse into the gutter, quick paranoid look round to see if any curtains are twitching or you've been seen then try to get home fast before anything else goes wrong you're brain is overdrive it's taking ages oh my god but you finally make it and you realise you've only been gone 9 minutes

    "Everyone gets caught up in ths f**ing categorizing shit, but at the end of the day you've got good shit and bad shit. You've got music you can feel and music you just want to throw away."

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