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Thread: BBDD Nov 07

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    Apr 2005
    I'll do my review now I'm feeling better!

    We turned up to catch the end of Zacs set, he looked like he was loving it and from the soudns of things, getting the night off to a great start!

    Then up next was Butty and Recca doing their b2b magic again.... There were a few lesser known mixed in with some of the beasts which is what's needed there. The crowd were loving it.....

    Up next was XTC and he carried on where they left off.... nice mixture of tunes and very Mark XTC (lol)....

    Only managed to catch the first half an hour of his set before going home as I had to be up early the next day but the place was packed and everyone was dancing.

    Well done to Tim & co for puttin on the night!!

    Shout outs to, Butty , Recca, Quey & Helena, Zac, Mike Absolute, Woody, TC, Grimmy, Domino, Emma, Ben & anyone else who I forgot!!

    I'm gona be there again in December, if you haven't already been down then come down and say hello!!


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    Oct 2006
    with my family.......
    very disapointed couldnt go , family commitments and all that crp

    very gutted to have missed mr butty and recca would have been like a timeless nite all over again

    even more gutted as i missed my top mate mark xtc playing as i always enjoys his sets and he always plays my favourite tune when im there in person

    now ive totally depressed myself so thats all from me.

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    Mar 2002
    Hebden Bridge
    haha niiceone sonz yeaah was enjoin mesen again - is a good laugh doin the warm up for bbdd - really good getting it goin for when the big boys take ova's!! had to get off again early which was abit of a dissapointement but saw most of reccas and butty's set out - which i have to say was fookin brill! top tunage all the way! both of yas just buzzin off each other and playing off whatever the othe had to go at! proper buzzin chemistry between you's two and it shows loads in ya sets together!!! cant say much after this cos had to get off somewhere but nice to meet absolute, domino, butty, recca, and sonz, oh and hardy! you legend forrunin the barand grabin us a can of redders! £3tho skankarooney eh! thanks though m8!!! hopefully be there again next month if im still knockin about in Manc!


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    Jul 2001
    re: the posts ive jus removed

    if a dj has some beef regarding being paid on a night then its a personal matter n therefore it shud b sorted off the forum and not aired in public.

    this is a review thread for peoples reviews of a night, it aint a il have a dig at this event coz there has been a mix up with wonga section. much obliged

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    Aug 2007
    heywood manchester
    Top night despite all the aggro from some silly girlies

    Ad a good laugh and a good pissup afterwards, cant wait for teh next one.

    No worries for the beer run Zac lolz

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