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    Jan 2006

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    OSA Radio Slot:
    when the times right


    St Helens

    Preferred Styles:
    Anything oldschool,from piano to hardcore

    Been Playing For:
    On and off since 90

    It all began for me in the 80's,when the breakdance scene was kickin arse.It progressed there after when the rave revolution hit the world,getttin caught up in the madness it became a huge part of my life and would take over me.

    Tuned into the likes of sunset and 808 state,it gave me the insparation to get hooked up and have been since.Love all aspects of oldschool house as it has its own special ingredient.

    The clubs i attended back in the day were:wigan pier and bowlers,with memories to cherish they both had there own individual character

    Upcoming Gigs:
    To knackered for that,lol

    Past Guest Spots:
    Nowt worth braggin about,lol

    Kev's podcast

    kevkilgallon@hotmail.com ...feel free to pm me
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