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Thread: little johnny

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    Apr 2002

    little johnny

    did'nt think that the last joke was that good but now your encouraging me so here's another:

    little johnny's sitting in class and the teacher has got a bag of fruit and the kids have got to guess whats in there

    teacherk, the first one is round, it's red

    the whole class puts their hands up with johnny trying his best to get attention, but teacher knows best

    teacher: lisa what do you think it is?

    lisa: its an apple miss

    teacher: sorry lisa its a beet, but i like your way of thinking

    teacher: ok the next one is quite small, green...

    once again johnny sticks his hand up as high as he can but teacher won't give in...

    teach: robert what do you think it is?

    robert: it's a pear miss

    teach: no sorry it's a kiwi fruit, but i like your way of thinking.

    by this time johnny's getting really pissed off so he just stands up anyway

    johnny: miss i've got one in me pocket, it's hard, it's round and it's got a head on it!

    teacher: johnny thats disgusting!!!

    johnny: no, it's a 10p but i like your way of thinking!!

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    Oct 2001
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    another gud 1 m8, I like em little johnny's jokes I do indeed!!! Keep em comin!!

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