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Thread: Jack G Profile

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    Sep 2004

    Jack G Profile

    OSA Radio Slot:
    Fridays 7pm - 8pm



    Preffered styles:
    My biggest love is for House , dont matter if its italo or progressive etc ...got a relatively varied collection (from hardcore to trance) so will play any style / tune as long as it does the business

    Been Playing For:
    Gotta be 10 years now.. man Im gettin old

    Always been into dance music from an early age, and was a regular listener to 808 state & Stu Allan who used to have shows on Manchester's local radio stations. I basically started clubbin as soon as I could get in - and absolutely loved it Used to go to all the clubs round Manchester on a weekly basis... places like The Hacienda, Home, The Boardwalk... but the place I attended most was Bowlers - no place like it ...would also go clubs around the North of England, Angels in Burnley was a particular favourite of mine .

    After being inspired my many fantastic DJs I bought some decks around 96. I love the music and its great to be able to play it Been lazy over the years, not made any effort to 'play out' much, always bought the tunes cos I love em. Stumbled accross OSA while back, top place with some top peeps A highlight for me was when OSA & Timeless ran a DJ competition to win a set at Timeless, which I was fortunate enough to win . Lately Iv been playing regulary at a night called Rotation @ Club North had the pleasure of playing along side such Legends as DJ Sy, Slipmatt, Altern 8, Vertigo, Welly to name but a few .

    My winning Timeless mix is available for download in the Gold member section (see link below)

    Upcoming Gigs:

    Friday 26 January 2007 - Rotation @ North (Manchester)


    Past Guest Spots:
    * Rotation @ North (Manchester)
    * Timeless - Manchester


    Fell free to PM me

    Jack G Piano Class 1

    Jack G Piano Class 2

    Jack G Final Piano Class Mix

    Jack G Mix for the OSA Massive

    Live & unplanned mix here on OSA Radio

    Tribute to DMC Mix

    Gold Member Mixes (gold membership required to download - see here:
    My Timeless Competition winning mix

    Aint too Techy Im afraid

    Click here to PM me
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