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Thread: Aug Hazy

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    May 2004
    On Cloud 9!!!

    Aug Hazy

    Seeing as no one has started a review i will

    Had a great nite even though i was feeling a bit poo.......still on the antibiotics and lost me legs half way thro the night

    Seemed like a very intimate nite to me........club full of just good friends (what more could you ask for)

    Didnt venture downstairs at all...so apologies to all the sets i missed down there........but the sets upstairs were great nice 1 folkes

    Big thanks to Richie, Sully, and Tim (you know what for)

    Was nice to see the usuall crowd and some surprises murfs, cano, sully , kels (who i didnt get to meet but not to worry)

    Was really struggling all night with the contact lenses so made our way home early as i didnt have my glasses with me was like driving a space ship all the way home on warp speed 5 lol...........which brings me to my obvious mistake of the night....trying to snort a small piece of rizla paper off the table (i didnt think it was paper u see and i couldnt see) classic Debs.........

    Anyways, thanks to the guys mick mart shaz annie ste and the rest of liver connection for being so welcoming every month

    Love u all

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    Oct 2004
    im like herpes....never quite fcuk hoff!!!
    sounds like you had a good night debs apart from the dodgy eyelenses

    being a bit rough from me jollys i had to giv this month a miss which im pretty gutted at realy but i'll be back in full nic's effect next month

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    Jul 2003
    in scouserland with ikontraband

    Aug Hazyz

    Brilliant nite what can i say

    music was spot on everyone did a class set

    loved the back to back set downstairs

    was great meeting everyone again im not naming u all but u know who u are was brilliant seeing u all again

    see u all for the second birthday

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    Oct 2004

    Professor who...?

    Another class Hazy.

    Having flown over from Amsterdam with Wikkid Paul and a few glasses of champagne, we arrived in Liverpool to be assailed by more ale, etc, etc, from the Scouse Crew. Their hospitality knows no bounds. After finally crashing at 4am Sat morning, we all crawled out of respective lairs and snarled at the sun, cursing its brightness. The only option: pool and ale at the 1-4 round the corner from Seel St. The best man one.

    Arrived at Zanzi's with part of the Hazy team to see a few new unknown peeps loitering on the dance floor with what can only be described as looks of 'unabashed and definite intent' on their mugs.

    This motley crew were none other than Mark Remotely Queued (the one built like a brick sh!t house in the pics), Max (the petite young lady), and Jimbury (the loony looking one) from Soulseek. All those months (nay, years in some cases) of virtual ripping and chronic p!sstaking could now manifest itself as face to face abuse and general derision. Needless to say, we all got stuck in with personal digs, comments about height, and predilections for farmyard animal husbandry from the moment we greeted each other. For some reason, I think we had all been looking forward to it. ;o) (LiqNit...Ant, you missed out on a good un matey).

    Having eased ourselves into a nice state of relaxation through mutual verbal abuse, it was a case of trying to split yourself between downstairs and the Attic through the night so you got to hear a bit of everyone's set.

    The club started to fill up nicely as the first 30 mins rolled through. It was great to have that space to boogie on down and able to talk to each other without people jostling past you all the time. As Debs said, nobody had to jostle for space and people were able to talk without their head being pushed into the side of anyone elses head. ;o) I don't like it too rammed as it gets too hot. (Opened the back door downstairs at one point, but the bar manager sent an underling over to close it... no reason given). Grrrrr.

    It was great to know that a few people had decided to come to Hazy instead of Creamfields (even though they had planned to go to the festival) and even better to see some Hazyites (Shaz, Ped, Annette) deciding to sack Creamfields off entirely and enjoy a couple of hours of old school. Nice one.

    Despite the warmth, the music was there to be danced to - and everyone was dancing. Not a sullen face in the club from what I saw. Plenty of mullered old schoolers, which is always a sign of a great night. The atmosphere was buoyant - people were making use of that little bit of extra space to pull off moves that Jay-K would be proud of. Happ33 Paul and t'other Paul certainly put John Travolta to shame. Great to see Murfso back across despite her recent illness, and of course all the regulars and almost-regulars winding their waists all night long... you know who you are.

    All this extreme dance action was due to the residents and guests playing another bunch of blinding sets. Even though I've never been a big name dj follower, I have to say that the resi's and guests do a great job, each playing unique sets: hard, uplifting, anthemic, bouncy, techy and so downright filthy dirty that you have to get grooving. Everybody is catered for at Hazy regardless of old school tastes. Managed to catch bits of Vertigo, Tag and Pauly P when scooting around the place meeting and greeting peeps - I didn't hear enough to make comment other than that I know I was dancing away when I caught them. Shaun 'the Boy Scout' C (the man who is always prepared) slotted a rolling set together...a good few choons that had me punching the air ;o) Pluto and Dreamgirl played a blinder of a back to back set (what was the final verdict on the challenge? hehe)...Annie showing that We Are Family can be dropped in 2005 and still send the dancefloor into a blurred frenzy of limbs and grinning faces.

    Special thanks to Dreamgirl and DodgyScouser for giving me a roof over my head for the long weekend and extending gratuitous hospitality to me. Further thanks to Richie for a nice start to the weekend on Friday night, cheers mate. Also to JoJo and Mikeeee (thx for vinyl) for ripping the p!ss out of me 24/7 (thanks for the banter, was bostin) - and to Paul "sorry, I didn't know the light was Green" B for getting me to JL airport in one piece despite apparent loss of eyesight as soon as he got in the car. Wikkid: good to see you, one of these days you'll get your choons back to Holland (I managed to take an extra bag of vinyl onto the plane mate - must be you???) Oh and not forgetting Shaz - at least this month I was able to talk intelligently to you (ok, it was the start of the evening like) hehe.

    Here's to next Hazy... I think the after party could be an ikkle bit messy.

    NB: note to self - abstinence from certain too see substances means you can actually speak to those friends you only see for a few hours each month and makes for an alltogether more enjoyable weekend. I plan to can that stuff for good. I like my sanity.

    PS: who's the geezer on the pics who can't set his glasses straight on his head and needs to see an oral surgeon to sort his teeth out?
    Last edited by brixtonite; 30th August 2005 at 01:17 PM. Reason: cos I left people out - duh!

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    Feb 2004
    Peoples Republic Of Liverpool
    Well.... what an excellent night not onyl just for music but for atmosphere too. The club was filled with people who wanted to dance and the dj's didnt let them down. Just goes to show that you dont need big name dj's on to please your crowd as the residents know them the best. I started off with the first hour upstairs and then handed the reigns over to mick who once again played an absolute blinder - how good did cold sensation - liquid empire sound

    What was really difficult as Tim was saying was whether to go upstairs or downstairs as there was so much to choose from. I stayed around to listen to half of shauns set and half of tags. I must have clocked some miles up and down the stairs all night but it was worth it.

    Very special thankyou to Vertigo.... who didnt indecently assault me by trying to give me a wedgie I must warn you however I do Kung Fu so if you want to bust any Mr Miagi moves on me on the stage next time... I will make sure Im wearing trousers

    Have to say I really enjoyed the back to back with Mick downstairs... think the competiton went to me with we are family.

    Loved seeing everyone there... big shouts go to...

    JoJo, Mikeeee, Tim, Wikkid, Richie (get onto me sledge ), Paul, Lisa, Jimbury, RQ and missus , Northern Star, Peebag, Shanine, Ped, SJ and the OSA people that came, Tall Paul (you best make the Sept one), Neil, Sully and everyone else I forgot

    Special thanks to Ste, Shaz, Mick, Vertigo, Tag, Shaun, Mart and Joanne (my old best friend who I havent seen in 10 years )

    Roll on Next Month

    shout to Fowlkes for the pic
    the sporto's, the motorheads, the geeks, sluts, buds, wasteoids, bleepies, dickheads - they all adore him, they think hes a righteous dude

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    Feb 2005
    pissed off
    was a top night just could'nt get in to it ...and its a shame me legs never turned up

    top sets played bye all(cheers ploots 4 playing..ya bad chubbs..farkin choooon )
    cheers 2 the scouse and the adopted scouse crew 4 the goodies and the peeps i met

    nice 2 see jimbury out at last and rq tops meeting u both at last

    until nxt month the b'day gonna be mental cya's there
    soz 2 kells....................i got ur name eventually soz fella

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    Jun 2004
    Yeah thanx to all @ Hazy for been so nice to me, I wont mention all the names as ill be here all night, was nice to meet some of the folk from osa and put a face to all the names especially pissbag ( love that name man!! haha)

    Great to see Vetrigo playin some tunez that are massive at Joy at the moment, and some quality music was been played upstairs (not sure who was playin?)

    huge huge thanks to mart, mick, and shaz. (really good to meet u all)
    see you guys on the 9th Sept @ Mission...

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    Nov 2002
    Sounds like ya's all had a top night.

    Typical, we miss a month an Jim makes it out

    Hopefully catch ya out again soon mate

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    Jun 2003
    had a brilliant night... was bouncing all over the club all night.... upstairs and down....
    all of the dj sets were class.... was really impressed with shaun crist upstairs and tag getting it bouncing downstairs .... was gutted that i had to go downstairs to dj when pauly p came on..... starting off with the amazing zsa zsa la boum - something scarey i heared the rest of his set was class too......
    mart and dreamgirl was on form as per
    was great to see everyones smiling faces and dancing their socks off..
    special thanks for remotely queued and jimbury for making it to their first hazy

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    Nov 2004
    After having a truly crap couple of day prior to Hazy I was in two minds if I would be able to make it or not. I am so glad that I did, Hazy madness was what was needed to make me happ33 again. (Thanks plutes for offering to help out at the last minute you are star, and Shaz for listening to my whining)

    It really is boss to see the regular crowd and finally meet some slkr's.

    I heard some class sets from the residents, the scouse superstar Djs making the place bounce.

    Mikeee, Ste (Dodgy) and Brix and throwing shapes in tandem every time we were in a couple of feet of each other (One day Richie you will too) Meeting RQ, his sounds Mrs and Jimbo. Chatting ramdom wibble to Jammer top bloke.

    Have to admit I did'nt remember much of the downstairs session at the end of the night, but what can I say I get lost in the tunes becuase they are superb. Honest I had not drunk enough vodka to kill a small monkey.

    Hope you had a good birthday Tag m8, seemed to :-)
    "What do you mean I was throwing shapes like a demented chimp......."

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    Jul 2003
    In a great big puddle of Wrong!!
    Just a very very quick one from me as Im being a very naughty little scamp and am sneaking on at work again....

    Considering that it seemed like every man and his dog were putting some sort of event on this weekednd gone... well Mart, Mick Shaz and Co... Well Hazy did you proud the same as you guys made me proud

    Had as always a super dooper night... We came out soaking wet and grinning so I know it was good....

    The choons I have to say downstairs... each and every single one of your sets was awesome and made me and my ears very very happy! Dont think I sat down all night was shaking my tail all over the place Good Stuff...

    To you know who for not being a grimmp all weekend long...

    Hazy I will love ya's for ever and ever Amen....

    S-J x

    Knowledge is the cure for ignorance, stupidity is untreatable!!!!

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    Sep 2001
    Was worried it might be a bit quite with Creamfields etc. all going on this weekend, but was a good number of people in there - nicely full, but a bit more room than usual to throw the shapes

    Had a boss night, I'd been on an all-day boozing sess before we got there so my memory is more than just a little hazy, the whole night just seemed to flash by in about 30mins, but thoroughly enjoyed it as usual.

    Massive shout to all the residents, the tunes were spot on from start to finish

    Brought a few new heads with me this time -they loved it too and will deffo be back next month. Not sure if I can make the next one, but will do my best

    Thanks as always to all the hazy crew who make it what it is

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    Feb 2005
    Liverpool Laaaaa
    Glad you all had a fab time ..I was a snide off and went to Creamfields (boo-hiss) but will be back this month for the 2nd Birthday

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    Sep 2005
    hiding under Sophie Sweets bed
    spose i aught to add my few pence worth now that im an OSA member agian for the third time (keep forgetting my password ect),
    Hats off to Jim for keeping on me case for going, or I dont reacon i'd of got me shit togehter and made it to Hazy's (fuckin glad I did ) Likwid ya missed out on a corker of a night, me and the missis both had a top night ( if you catch my drift!), top tunage all the way,fave tunes of the night were Ya Badd Chubbs & Westbeat - The slam, its so nice to go to a club after all these years that play the tunes you wanna hear and just roll em off one after the other, plus top, top, people, was well wicked to finaly meet everyone at last, that goes for the main man jimbo (who i must say looks remarkably like reggie kray in one of those pics), mikeee, brixtim, dodgey scouce, annie, jo, richiemac,happ33, pissy dan, wikkid, cano,tag, bluejammer, & even you murfs ya weirdo and of course a big & special thanks to mick n shaz for putting us up
    we are deffo comin back

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