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Thread: You know who you are.....

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    Dec 2001

    You know who you are.....

    Just wanna give a big thankyou to all who's helped me out in the last year or so! lol.

    Its been a long time to sort but Im officially up and running on all cylinders!!!

    Just the odd thing to sort out, but in general jobs a good 'n.

    I dont know what Id do without you guys!



    Ps Must ghost my machine this weekend! hahahha

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    Feb 2002
    haha go on son

    glad to see you got ur new beast up and running, fingers crossed it goes nice and smooth for ya mate

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    Jul 2001
    Roamin wild on the Costa del Ching
    Ps Must ghost my machine this weekend! hahahha
    Do just that fella

    Happy youve finally got your machine, nice one

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