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Thread: bpm studio...help req!

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    May 2004
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    bpm studio...help req!

    got my new little toy on the pc...bpm studio player....now managed to suss most of it out..everything but uploading the tracks into the player.....i can put them individually but that is a pain in the arse......is there any way once i have cleared the file to select all the tracks in relevant folder and upload into bpm studio....!

    did that make any sense......at all.....


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    Jul 2001
    ignorance is bliss...if only i was ignorant

    if ya want to mix mp3
    id sugust u get
    traktor dj studio
    i can send u a copy if ya like
    msn icq
    or on soulseek

    if ya like 88 89 90 sounds tune into www.piraterevival.co.uk
    i play early stuff although we have lots diff styles of soldkool being played on piraterevival

    ps i mix with traktor
    "here i go again its time to start my badness its funny somehow it seems ive had this same old summer maddness"

    "I've seen a rich man beg, I've seen a good man sin, I've seen a tough man cry, I've seen a loser win, And a sad man grin, I heard an honest man lie, I've seen the good side of bad, And the downside of up, And everything between, I licked the silver spoon, Drank from the golden cup, And smoked the finest green"

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    May 2004
    On Cloud 9!!!
    thats my preferred era doolz but i av a small problem.......at the mo i am not internet hooked up at home yet.....just at work and the buggers wont allow to download files of any type...bit of a pain but there go........

    cheers for the adv....will see if i can get traktor though.....find bpm studio a little hit and miss...x

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