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Thread: <<Replay<< 2nd Apr

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    Jun 2003

    <<Replay<< 2nd Apr

    Took a trip to fleetwood to check this nite out, and the choones were superb. Quality P I A N O from the moment we arrived.
    Treated to a blast from the past with Mr John J on the wheels, doing his touch on the decks, (its be 11 years since I last heard him play, he should play out more often i reckon ). Nice long cheeky mixes, with a touch of quality scratches here n there. Nice 1 Jepson
    Barry played some quality house too, every choones a classic.
    The glitter balls had me a bit wobbly tho, the entire floor was spinning like mad. Its a big club with plenty o room to jump around. Bog's are a bit different tho, u have a little guy in there who watches over you while ya go for a slash
    Still good nite out had.
    I reckon more folk from round Fleetwood should get down there, there missin some quality mixing classic house.

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    Jun 2002
    Christ, did you go Bobleeno? So did I n Miss Cola, cant believe I didnt see ya, I remember Barrie mentioning someone, but didnt know it was you! Must of missed ya!!
    Have to say, John J's set was superb, an absolute mixed bag n some flawless mixing. Everything was in there.. C concept, Buster Gut, C&C, The Gonzo, Linda Ray, a fair few Hip House classics n some breaky tunes, all banged together, was a bit of a warehousey set. Spot on!!

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