OSA Radio Slot:
When ever I can get the opportunity


Louisiana but formerly from Middlesbrough

Preffered styles:
Italian anthems, Italian cheese, Early dutch hardcore

Been Playing For:
Got my first decks about 1993


1st ever non commercial tape that got me hooked was Sasha @ Shellys Lazerdome Nov 1990. After that I was gripped.

Listened to mainly the classic house stuff up until the end of 1992 before it started going progressive, then I heard a Bass Generator tape from Rezerection and he churned out the big Italian piano anthems at a faster speed. From here I went into the harder scene attending events such as Doncaster Warehouse, Afterdark in Sunderland and just about every Rezerection up until about 1996. I then pretty much never went out again as everything just went rubbish.

1st started DJing using stuff such as General Base, Force Mass Motion, Love 4 Sale.

My mates were all house heads so I got to play around with and listen to the classics such as Stress Records, Cleveland City and such.

Now I'm very varied and just love to DJ as its the best way to listen to new tunes.

Upcoming Gigs:

Past Guest Spots:

Played on another Internet Radio station a few times

Played live in a few clubs up in Inverness and Elgin back around 1994 - 1996 and highlight would have to be warming up for Timo Maas & M-Zone.