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Thread: Al Mackenzie @ Chuff Chuff 1994 (Blue Tape Pack) AKA Roman Orgy

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    Al Mackenzie @ Chuff Chuff 1994 (Blue Tape Pack) AKA Roman Orgy

    Al Mackenzie @ Chuff Chuff 1994 (Blue Tape Pack) AKA Roman Orgy

    I had this on is the office this afternoon. Such an awesome mix. Al is phenomenal at blending dance music of all genres in set, (which often include disco, funk, and even rave) and this is a great example of that.

    One of my favourite UK DJs, who in my opinion is seriously under rated. Not enough of his mixes were recorded.


    From the blue Chuff Chuff double pack with Sasha - often labelled 'Al Mackenzie ' Chuff Chuff's Roman Orgie, April 1994'....

    Tracklisting (courtesy of Scott Brady):

    1. U-People - Freedom
    2. Ten City - My Piece Of Heaven
    3. Shawn Christopher - Dont Lose The Magic
    4. M.A.S.I. - Apache [Stress Records]
    5. Convert - Nightbird
    6. Bam Bam - Give It To Me
    7. Blaze - If You Should Need A Friend
    8. Laura O And The Heartbeat Line - Rhythm (Voice Of The Underground)
    9. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feelin On
    10. T-Connection - At Midnight (Original Disco 12" Mix)
    11. James Howard - Feeling Good
    12. Kitsch In Sync - Jazz Ma'Ass [Global Grooves]


    12. Kitsch In Sync - Jazz Ma'Ass
    13. Photon Inc - Generate Power
    14. Billy Preston - Heroes (Danny Rampling's Pure Sexy Mix)
    15. Spacebase - Release
    16. Charvoni - Always There (Blaze Mix)
    17. Bottom $ - You Cant Turn Around (Al's Trancetastic Voyage)
    18. Machine - There But For The Grace Of God
    19. Patra - Workerman (Remix)
    20. [70:00] ID?
    21. Tonja Dantzler - In And Out Of My Life
    22. Dream Frequency - Bass 4 Love (Sleazy Mix)
    23. L.W.S. - Gosp (Jubilee Time Mix)

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    Thanks for the upload. Looks a good tracklisting.

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    Thanks for this not heard this before AL Mackenzie is a cracking DJ, only ever owned one of his mixers back in 95 and that was his transmission mix, i own a few records off of that mix, I have seen it come up for sale only once on Ebay the transmission mix, so a very rare tape pack.
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