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Thread: OSA Tunesday

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    OSA Tunesday

    So here's a thought . . .
    Every "Tunesday" we have a different DJ with a special 2 hour slot 7pm-9pm
    Playing not just a DJ set for 2 hours, but a selection of their favourite tunes, with some banter.
    Styles and era's can be flexible, including newer remixes or new releases of old DAT's on vinyl etc.
    Basically sticking with the site ethos, but with a big fat pair of flexy wings . . .

    Initial thought is to run this every week upto the Xmas Eve bash, then see what interest is like in the dark months.

    We can carry on into the new year, and into infinity . . .

    so, DJ's please consider and get your names down - availability is below

    OSA Tunesday's 7pm - 9pm
    05th Nov - Sonic '92
    12th Nov - Vince Menace
    19th Nov - Benny Digital
    26th Nov - Gruuvs
    03rd Dec - Jaxx
    10th Dec - Billyrave
    17th Dec - free slot

    Listeners - also interested in your views - What would you like to hear? is Tuesday a shit day? Is a different time suitable? etc etc


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    Oct 2018
    I'll take 26th Nov.
    Eclectic old skool sets: https://www.hearthis.at/gruuvs/

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    I think this is a good idea, not much happening during the week at this time of year, its cold and wet so id rather be listening to some decent music!

    Im going to play a fairly chilled mix on Tuesday, something a bit different to listen to - plenty of acid and breakbeats, a mix of old new stuff and new old stuff but all in keeping with the oldskoolanthemz vibe.

    Hopefully plenty of time for chat in between records

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