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Thread: Any OSA members from 2001ish still about

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    Oct 2019

    Any OSA members from 2001ish still about

    Can't access my old account so had to make a new one to post... would love to know if any old faces are still around

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    Jan 2019
    Unfortunately, this place is pretty dead. If you look at the dates of most of the posts in Chillout, you will see that there's hardly anything going on, compared to the heyday where there'd be pages of new interactions every day.

    I gather you're thinking back to folk like Shooms, Northern Star, PresumingEd, BlueJammer, Greyed, Amelie, Jonno, Silky, Steadman, Sirius, Chris Biskit, Andy, IlovePiano, DJ Britalian, Dan, and a whole raft of busy regulars I have unfortunately forgotten the names of.

    I was around "back in the day", but I was forcibly ejected (because I was a very naughty boy, apparently).

    There was a little bit of forum activity earlier this year and a talk of a bit of an online reunion thing with some of the old faces/names, but it never actually transpired. (It was pure coincidence that I happened to be reminiscing and spotted the posts about that).

    I am led to believe there is some kind of facebook group, where you may find some of the old names - but I ditched Suckerberg's antisocial media platform a good few years ago (and never looked back), so unfortunately I don't know where it is exactly - or what its like, nor have any real inclination to sign up to it again to find out.

    Sorry to be quite so depressing!

    I hope you find what you're looking for though. I keep popping back as I stuck the link on my firefox bookmark bar, because you never know who might turn up again!

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    May 2015
    East of England
    I don't understand why people can't still type on here what the fuck are they doing on a day like this and face book is the biggest pile of shit I have ever come across. I have never use it. in 2001 I was getting into all my geeky stuff. Pissing about with web sites but mainly using yahoo messenger. But like this forum yahoo messenger became dead so they closed it down in 2012 facebook killed it off. but I had so many hours of fun on their meet so many great people on their.

    But I am of the opinion if you do things to much your brain just has enough of it. I though I would never get bored of computers I was always fiddling around with my computers up grading mine fitting new parts in it.
    I am still a very geeky person, I still have a web site site so I still like doing geeky stuff.

    I do spend tons of time on my computer still. But am in a relationship with a women who has a career and as she is very high up inthe company she works for and with that comes with a ton of responsible and that means she does not come home until late on most nights.

    Its like this week she is away for 2 nights and i guess that's why I spend such a massive amounts of time on my computer when am not at work.

    I am probably the most active person on here at the moment, but I have only been a member since 2015 but am pretty sure if I had been on here since 2001 I would of given this forum the kick.

    Even in the the late 90's I had put all my tapes away in the cupboard as I got bored of them.

    I found this forum in 2015 so that's like a 15 year break I had from it all. So this is all fresh to me and exciting.

    The radio part of the web site is still in use and does get used a lot over the weekend, but that is really the only activity you see on this forum or if someone shares a tape rip, but that is only once in a blue moon now and that is not most intellectual engaging conversation you can have talking about a tape.

    And all they want to do is talk about the tracks and say thanks and if you try to start another conversation about anything else they will just ignore you and that kind of get's a bit boring.

    I even think people are collecting tapes a lot less and some of the tapes have been listed on ebay for months now and have not moved, what would suggest to me people are collecting them a lot less now.

    A few months back they would been gone very quickly.

    You have things like Netflix Nowtv I think they're contributing factors why these forums are dead. VB is not very mobile friendly though this forum does not have the VB mobile extension on it, so that kind of makes no different's to this forum.

    Then you got places like mixcloud that are very mobile friendly and a lot of people would of gone over to that. Just because it is so mobile friendly and a lot of people don't have computers anymore they just use their phones and a descents ones cost over a 1000 to buy you can understand why.

    You can post your tapes on mixcloud and they will get a tons of listens and sometimes some nice comments, and people do interact with you on there and ask questions..

    I really don't like them streaming sites they just don't do it for me.
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    Jan 2019
    It is a shame that people have lost the attention span to contribute more on forum based sites.

    People are used to instant zinging of comments and replies, both on facebook and on twitter, with the latter's word limitation feature being a component of it (and a component that no doubt drives short attention spans).

    It really could be a retreat from the trappings of faceberg and twatter, to come back to a structured format which is organised in a way where you can find things easily. Something a bit more 'exclusive' and that people need to seek out to get the good stuff. But, alas, once society has shifted, I think it becomes hard to rectify.

    Things used to get controversial in here from time to time, which is one of the reasons I was canned, as I was in the process of discovering a lot about life I had no previous concept of understanding. It became overwhelming and a bit of a mission to get discussions going as I attempted to find my own way in what to think and believe, instead of just bumbling along with the mainstream ideologies about everything.

    Sometimes I was seriously wrong and driven by tabloid hysteria, but sometimes I would have been right, but that's life - and the process of growing up I suppose. I have developed and discovered what I stand for, which is still going to be very controversial to most people, but that has taken a long time to establish this vantage point and over this time it has also worn me down to exhaustion and a need to step away from it.

    It was perhaps never a good idea to raise hard and confrontational subjects into a music based forum, but the need to explore and the need to feel understood was quite compelling at the time. However, I don't think it should ever return to such a situation in hindsight, but I do think more could be being discussed in the general forum area, even if it stays themed around music.

    But this would require more users and more users who are prepared to read and write in a sufficiently well structured manner, which is sadly something else that I feel has deteriorated in this country. But maybe that's because I can be a bit of a snob at times and don't like text-speak and incoherence, lol.

    Maybe it is just as you say, people are just busier these days and haven't the time or patience for it. I happen to be largely living the same kind of life I had 20 years ago, which is quite sad to be honest. Unfortunately, I don't have anybody as a wife, I'm sad to say I don't have any kids and likely never will do (the way things are going), so I do have the time to tap things out on the internet. Others are looking after their families or doing whatever couples do.

    I'm trying to get back into music, after letting other things dominate my life for too long. I need it as a distraction and to break free of it. I am not having much luck to be honest, but I need to get there. I've bought a shed-load of records this weekend and I really enjoyed ploughing through them in sequence all day Sunday. I hope to dust off the very dusty Quasimidi Sirius keyboard and crack open my newly-ish acquired copy of Reason 10. I can't play a single riff any more, it has been that long - but I'd have to try and learn again.

    I've never been one for meetups in real life, but there are quite a few oldskool nights going around these days that are allegedly quite tasty. I have it on good authority from a major name DJ back in the day that he recently did some nights featuring a more acid-house based sound (new material) which was just like stepping back to the late 80s and early 90's, not just with the sound but with the crowd and atmosphere.

    I'm not so sure that forums are going to be revived in the same way though!

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    May 2015
    East of England
    Am still into my mixing I was in my local record store this weekend shuffling through their 1.00 section and after a 4 month break I bought 4 double house tape packs. I had a little mix up tonight mainly mixing hardhouse but am limiting myself to mixing once a week, so I don't completely fuck my hearing, I will probably add this mix to mixcloud, but I recorded it onto tape so I will have to rip it back to my pc, what is annoying, my cd recorder turns up tommrow so it will be a lot easier to add them to my pc as all I have to do its insert the cd and rip it happy days.

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    Dec 2002
    Joined 2002.

    A lot going on for the last few years including moving from U.K. to Australia.....was the right choice. Still buying and trying to sell records and have not had a mix for a few months as the garage was full of kitchen crap but now most of this is back in place follow new kitchen install.

    Keep promising to have a go with the radio, minor issue of time difference to consider now!

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    Sep 2001
    north west london

    Hi guys

    I still pop in from time to time.. Much better on here than FB.. Only really use FB for sharing and finding new music. Still in touch with Presuming ed, acidtim, silky. I think shooms deleted everything...
    My old skool mixes for you


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