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Thread: ILLEGAL FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT TO DANCE (well worth a watch)

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    Feb 2008

    ILLEGAL FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT TO DANCE (well worth a watch)

    Most people have probs seen this, but if you haven't then give it a go, it really gives you a good insight about Amnesia House... Good to see Dobbo aswell

    I hope they do a part 2

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    May 2015
    East of England
    I never went to any illegal raves or legal events in a field , I was still at school in 89, unfortunately I never thought about going my mates in the early 90's were into getting pissed and going to nght clubs. I love my hardcore back then, I remember only going to one hardcore rave and that was in a night club.

    I am very gutted I never got to go it would of been a amazing experience.

    Anyhow my raving shoes and clubbing shoes got put down over a decade ago.

    I have been to tons of house raves and have been very lucky and have seen danny rampling, tony de vit, tall paul, Scott bond at a gate crasher night.lisa pin up and so many others.

    My brother has seen judge jules but I was not their.

    I might of seen allister whitehead or tom wainwright but I can't be 100% who it was lol

    John kelly as well forgot about him.

    Another old skool forum

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    I love these documentaries about the good old days, this ones another cracker, thanks for sharing

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