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Thread: Discomagic UK Classic CD Sets

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    Discomagic UK Classic CD Sets

    Discomagic UK has put some classics on 7 CDs, which can be ordered here: https://discomagicuk.dance/product/d...ssics-cd-sets/

    Looks quite nice - just ordered the lot. Hope that rips came from the original DAT tapes.

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    Thanks for the general information about their website and products (I didn't know they were still going).

    I bought those four-CD collection packages that came along in the mid 90s (1994 I think). Most folk who were into this stuff at the time will know which ones I mean, as there were also similar ones for "happy house" and other genres. I think many of those were radio edits and faded out edits, but I can't really remember. They were quite cheap!

    However, this new offering seems to be quite substantial and the full caboodle deal has all sorts of extra tracks and mixes from the original pressings along with some new ones I think.

    I'm no longer into this kind of sound, well, not enough to splash the cash around - but for those who are, it looks interesting - and being direct from DMUK I would expect the sound quality to be very good and sourced from the original archives.

    I did, however, find something else there and I just got that instead, despite being quite pricey!

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