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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Aug 2019

    Hi everyone

    Hello everybody,

    Chris, 22 and from the usa so I missed out on a bunch of tunes and probably younger than a lot of folks on here haha! Big Graeme Park and Allister Whitehead fan, hoping to hear more mixes I might've not already

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone putting in the work and archiving/uploading tapes and track lists... very lucky I can listen to them now thanks to everyone's hard work! Cheers

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    May 2015
    East of England
    I probably prefer greme park over Allister Whitehead but only just. Best years for garage were 95 for me. Some stunning tunes came out.

    Welcome to the forum am 22 years older than you but it's nice to see young people on here.

    Enjoy your stay

    Get involved we could do with some new people posting.

    Another old skool forum

    https://www.mixcloud.com/live/Gregstaj/ Live from time to time

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