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Thread: Greetings!

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    Jul 2019


    Hello there.

    I stumbled across this fantastic forum a few days ago while searching for a Jules tracklist.
    Always had a broad musical taste, but was bitten by the electronic bug around mid-90's and was a regular follower of Judge Jules and PvD from 99 which propelled me into the never ending hobby of ID'ing tunes from DJ sets.
    I love that ppl are still pursuing those unknown tunes from 20 years ago and that new ID'd does pop up from time to time!
    The hunt is often both great and frustrating, but can sometimes reward you by taking you on an unexpected path. It's always fun, when I have the time
    Sharing is caring, so I try the best I can... It's all about the music


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    Mar 2012
    Inside the Box
    welcome aboard the oldskool mothership Fuzzy
    join us in the chat, usually when live djs are on
    plenty to see and do on site - enjoy \o/ \0/ \o/

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