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Thread: Sex (1244) - Judge Jules, John Kelly 1997

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    Jul 2019
    Been listening to the start of John Kellys set a few times now and it might just be me, but I think it sounds like the 'funky guitar' and the '"get up, clap your hands"' tracks are two different tracks, but that John double drops the 'clap your hands' track. Maybe I've just heard it too many times now

    The vocal sample with the "get up, clap your hands, c'mon c'mon get up" originates from https://www.discogs.com/Gwen-McCrae-...elease/1104203

    So could be a remix of the original:

    Or the XXL mix of this (only mix i haven't heard a sample of):

    MAW also used it, but I can't find any mixes from 97

    The guitar riff in the "guitar track" sounds like the guitar in Brain 2 Brain - Musique C'est L'art De Future (70's Guitar Mix) [Basic Beat]
    The track is not working on Youtube, but it's on Spotify (at least in my country...)
    Check it here: https://open.spotify.com/album/7lKND...SOmr4BoqbVZmfQ

    No idea where that guitar is from original though... Anyone?

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    Jul 2019
    G.O.D. Three Limited - What You Want (What You Need) is the A1 (Untitled Mix 1) from this release:

    Also, there seem to be another track between 8 and 9 in JK's mix.:

    08. [34] ? "if you want my lovin" female/piano
    09. [36:30] ? "just let me go" female (one of the records is pitch bended at 36:32)
    10. [38] ? "boogie" male/funky guitar
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