Just started a series on mixcloud where I included my favourite tune for each week of the Nineties. The tunes are selected from the new entries of the respective top 100's of the official UK Charts. So far I have uploaded 1990 to 1997, each with 52 tunes. The last 2 editions will arrive within the next couple of weeks.

Here are the shows:

1990 Chilling to 1990

1991 Have You Ever Been To Belgium?

1992 Hardcore Will Never Die

1993 House, Euro and Aphex Twin

1994 Even More House And Some Jungle Dons

1995 Moving To The UK House

First Half 1995 in the Mix https://www.mixcloud.com/da_tilt/fav...nuary-to-june/

1996 House 'n' Trance

1997 We Are Flying High

How do you like? What tunes would you recommend?