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Thread: Dobra dan

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    Jul 2018
    Banja luka ex country villager

    Dobra dan

    Hi all
    New to the forum, but not the dance scene. Originally from near Kirkham lancs. Started out in 91. To name a few Buzz, zone, empire, carlos, wigan pier, banshee, bowlers, Carlton, not to mention the all nighters all around. Good days. Sure i will know some of you or friend of friends. Now living in the Serb half of Bosnia.
    Boring bit over

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    Mar 2012
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    Hi Srpska,
    first of all - welcome aboard the oldskool mothership

    second - thanks for supporting the site and jumping straight in with both feet and going GOLD. Your contribution is much appreciated

    Get yourself in chat - meet the guys n gals

    see you soon


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    Sep 2004
    Welcome aboard mate - come say hello when the shoutbox is busy

    Check Out my OSA DJ Profile - contains links to a few of my mixes including my OSA & Timeless competition winning mix exclusively available to gold members

    Click Here

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