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    In My House presents - In My ‘Acid’ House – Woody’s 40th Birthday Bash.
    After a two year sabbatical we open the doors once again for a special night of celebration, skullduggery and a little reckless abandon!!
    This time, we return with a brand new venue; The Whiskey Jar, which is the closest thing to the Scubar, (our original venue) as we have found. It has a proper Oldskool vibe, a great sound system and is absolutely perfect for In My House.
    We have not one but two Guest DJs gracing the turntables too!
    Our first DJ makes a welcome return to the In My House decks, having first played for us back in 2008. A real legend of the Manchester Dance Music scene and well known for breaking countless tunes that went unknown for years! He is possibly most famous for his residency at Hippos in the early days, but has held residency and/or DJ’d at countless venues over a long and established playing career, including: The Hacienda, Maximes, Bowlers, Angels, Park Hall, Monroe’s and many many more!
    Technically brilliant, a master of many styles, and an avid music lover with a record collection to die for. To top it off he’s one of the most genuine and modest guys you could ever wish to meet and someone I am proud to say is a mate!
    It is of course the one, the only DJ MOGGY!!!
    Our second DJ is someone we wanted to book to play when we were doing IMH on a regular basis, and we no doubt would have done if it wasn’t for those pesky kids
    Well known to many Mancunians, (particularly those with the 12" black crack habit) he has the record collection to top all record collections. Musically diverse and no stranger to a set of technics', having warmed up for Mike Pickering at the Hacienda, and Paul Taylor at Angels before starting up the legendary ‘Out In The Sticks’ night in Todmorden, which ran for 9 years!!!
    Still to this day managing Manchester’s famous ‘Vinyl Exchange’ where many of us have spent countless hours flicking through records, and getting our fix!
    It is of course … Mr RUSS MARLAND!!!!
    I have took the liberty of linking up a couple of interviews Russ has done which I thought were great reading and gives you a bit more of an insight to the man himself.
    … and to go one better I have stuck on my OneDrive, the mix I downloaded many years ago that got me thinking “we need to get this guy on at IMH”
    Russ Marland – Do You Remember House - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiV-CLa6H6Cmz2PL9kBikG2PPwdN

    As we have done a few times in the past, (In My Mask, the ‘Legends’ night etc) This event has a bit of a theme going on – This time it's ‘The Acid House Era’
    You can expect tunes roughly from 87-91, from smooth and soulful Chicago house, Dirty Detroit Techno beats, punchy Piano riffs, acid hooks, and just anything else that graced the dance floors of clubs around this time.
    Of course, myself, Cano and Saysay will be doing our usual thing as well, so make sure you book your sitters, hotels, and whatever else you need to get organised and get it in the diary pronto!
    This will be an all ticket event, and tickets will be bought via myself like last time. Please join our Facebook Group for details www.facebook.com/groups/inmyhousemanchester or send me a PM.This is so we can ensure only the right sort of crowd attend the night, and everyone has a safe and enjoyable evening. Tickets will be limited and I know it’s a good few months off yet, but make sure you get them sorted well in advance please
    We look forward to seeing you there
    Woody, Cano and Miss Saysay

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    Sep 2004
    Get on this..gonna be large with lots of new n old skool OSA members turning up

    ..unfortunately Ill be on of em!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JACKG View Post
    ..unfortunately Ill be on of em!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monty View Post

    Hopefully see Monty down there...

    Been told it’s gonna be a sell out tonight- maybe cos peeps know I’m turnin up?

    Mind you dunno if you can rely upon those bots the rsvp’d

    Check Out my OSA DJ Profile - contains links to a few of my mixes including my OSA & Timeless competition winning mix exclusively available to gold members

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