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Thread: OSA Special - Labels Saturday 7th July

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    OSA Special - Labels Saturday 7th July

    Its time for the first OSA all day special this year. Theme for this one is LABELS. DJ's choose 1 label (2 at the most for labels with only a small selection). Listeners - Whats your favourite? a big production house or a small label? DJ's get your names down - label selections can be closer to the event \o/ \0/ \o/

    12:00 -
    13:00 - Tony Jay (OUT & Mighty Quinn)
    14:00 - Matt Spencer (Cowboy)
    15:00 -
    16:00 -
    17:00 - The Wax Office (XL Recordings)
    18:00 - Spencerforhire (Stress Records)
    19:00 -
    20:00 - Vince The Collector (Quark)
    21:00 - Sonic92
    22:00 - Brock Landers (Guerilla)
    23:00 -
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    with the warm weather, and England’s unplanned entry to the next round of the World Cup, we’ve cancelled the event for Saturday 7th July and will reschedule for later in the year when normal levels of pissedoffness and bad weather return

    any DJ's wishing to play this weekend, just check the schedule - if you're after a scheduled slot, let me know and I'll book you in

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