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Thread: Gold Membership 2018

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    Jul 2001

    Gold Membership 2018

    Up until recently OSA has been on my businesses server so I have been able to cover the cost of any shortfall of paying for the server with my bizs.

    I have now moved my businesses to another server and so OSA needs to become self sufficient. Because of this i have reset everyones Gold Membership and am introducing a brand new membership for 2018 and beyond.

    Server costs are 36 a month (bit more manageable these days, i used to pay 250 a month back in the day!)

    Gold Membership is now 3 a month, we only need a minimum of 13 contributors and we have covered it

    For it you get:

    • Your username in gold and 'contributing member' title
    • Access to the exclusive DJ mixes section
    • Removal of adverts on the site (once testing has been complete) - we will be testing these soon

    Going forward if we can get extra money in the kitty we will be able to add new features to the site, new auto dj, site software upgrades, live video dj etc.

    All monies brought in from Gold Membership will be used for server bills and site upgrades, if you want to donate any extra if you can send to info@oldskoolanthemz.com - billyrave is treasurer and will update over time.

    Thanks for your contributions and lets see what we can do - there's life in the old dog yet


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    Apr 2005
    The Vault
    Subscription to gold paid - 3 a month is a bargain, hopefully there will be many more than the 13 minimum needed to put a bit extra into upgrading the site - can we get the space in gold sorted out Butty so we can start posting new exclusive mixes - might help entice more people to go gold if there are lots of decent new mixes to access!!!

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    Jul 2001
    Thanks for putting to mate, yes will sort it so more gold mixes can be added soon

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    May 2006
    tap end of the bath

    i hardly use the site these days but still drop in now and again. had some of the funniest online conversations on here and made some great virtual friends. add in some great music and having some long time i.d.'s confirmed and i think 10p a day is worth it.

    "I don't want to live in the past but it's a nice place to visit."

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    Mar 2012
    Inside the Box
    Nice one,
    Thanks Ivan - much appreciated dude

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    Jun 2004
    Behind You
    Will send my donation on weds

    p.s, bout time Butt Man

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