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Thread: Need Help With Structure!!

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    Mar 2018

    Need Help With Structure!!

    Hi All!

    I have a good tune (I feel). It has a nice stab in it, alright 909 drums (which could be improved be honest but aren't too bad production wise), strings, 2 leads, a bass and 2 vocal samples triggered on a sampler with fx added. I would like advice on how to structure it. I will include links to both versions I've done so far, as I've just tried reworking it but still feel I'm a little lost lol! Structuring is quite hard I'm finding.

    The first one is the one I did first and it originally didn't have the "Top one, nice one, get sorted" sample in it, that was added after. The first one however has some really good bits that work very well and kick in nice.



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    Jan 2019
    It's almost a year ago, but, my two penneth worth, is that although the production sound is excellently crisp and clear, it could do with more back-up sounds that mirror and beef up the overall output. For example, more strings and pads at a lower volume, with a wider decay/sweep time to fill up that spacial volume and the same for the bass, to run a different but similar bass sound at a lower volume to fatten things out.

    Structure wise, I'm not an expert but there didn't seem to be much wrong with it in terms of how it progressed. It lacked a little bit of drive and some flurries of excitement, if anything, which can sometimes be achieved with, say, extra hi-hats to busy-things-up a little bit and a few cymbal crescendos and reverse cymbal crashes to suction something into the next 8 bar every now and again, which also helps lead to more variations on the beat sequences, taking elements in and out for pumped and less pumped effect.

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