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Thread: Critique My Tune

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    Critique My Tune

    Hi All!

    I'm half way through an old skool house tune (piano track) that I wouldn't mind a critique on.

    Critique me on everything and anything from the structure / arrangement (is there too much going on in the chorus), to the tune itself, to the production, to the sound selection. Anything.


    I know the drums aren't up to much (production-wise). They're ok but still a long way to go. I used 909 samples. I think one of melody lines might need taking out of the chorus as well, sounds a bit cluttered doesn't it? take the non-string melody out perhaps, the lower octave lead melody?

    Also, the white noise build up before the chorus is ok but not technically an old skool effect that is it? more a modern thing in different genres of house such as deep house and think those are used in trance aren't they?

    This is only half the tune btw.

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