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Thread: Any old skool hip-hop heads on here?

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    Sep 2001
    north west london

    Any old skool hip-hop heads on here?

    My old skool mixes for you


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    Feb 2008
    Cheers for this, had to watch it via a proxy though becuase WMG blocked it, you played back a good chunck of my youth there feeling old now though lol

    Some great editing, no wonder it took you ages to do, + pukka tracks to top it off

    Deffo took me way back tbh.

    Ive still got a lot of that stuff on vinyl, that old Mantronix stuff still gives me goose bumps, always wanted that Fila hat Tee had Music Madness was a bargin bitd.....

    I was big into Ultramagnetic MCs when they came round..

    Used ta love Blade in the later yrs along with MC's Logik London Posse, Demon Boyz etc

    But late 88/89 I was getting into the all night parties

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