Time to go back, Way back, Back into time!
Back to where the rave scene started in Leeds.
Back to where lives were changed for the better.
In the same building, with the same DJs & MC, and the same attitude, loving the same music
We're not bringing it back, cos it never left us.
The ORIGINAL Rave!!!
There is only one

You've been asking for a PROPER 'Leeds Gallery' Reunion for over 20 years, and here it is.

Your chance to experience, once again, the magical event voted 2nd best club night in Europe. The ethos of 'RAVE' was put firmly on the musical map of Leeds, first time around. If you never went, this is your chance for a once in a lifetime experience. If you did go back in the day? Well! You know the score.

We will be celebrating this iconic club in the original 'Leeds Gallery' building, now known as 'Bar Soba', on Bank Holiday Sunday April 30th 2017.

Original Leeds Gallery DJs on the night will be:
Steve Luigi
Rob Tissera,
Russ Richardson
and MC Fox.
Tickets are 12 + BF, or 15 on the door should there be any room left on the night (doubtful).
Ticket links are below.

Also available at Jumbo, Crash and bar Soba

Dress to Rave and dance like no one's watching!