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Thread: Osa special sat 1st april '88 - '89

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    Osa special sat 1st april '88 - '89

    OSA presents '88 - '89 LIVE all day/night on Saturday 1st April.

    DJ's let me know availability so I can complete a schedule \o/ \0/ \o/
    any genre - but must be 88-89. can start earlier/later depending on how many want to play

    mix links below - enjoy \o/

    15:00 - JaXx - OSA live set 88-89 style. | Dave Jackson | Stream on hearthis.at
    16:00 - Deaksy -
    17:00 - Dizko Floor - OSA Special '88-89' Oldskool House Mix by Dizko Floor | Mixcloud
    18:00 - Tikker - osa 88/89 special by tikker | Mixcloud
    19:00 - Reetlad - 1988-89 original house osa special by jonny | Mixcloud
    20:00 - Big Bad BOD - BOD - OSA 88-89 01-04-17 by Chris BOD Pearson | Mixcloud
    21:00 - Surface 2 Air - OSA Special '88-'89 Acid Mix by surface2air | Mixcloud
    22:00 - Adam Wilson - https://www.mixcloud.com/dj_adamwils...io-set-010417/
    23:00 - Sonic '92 - https://www.mixcloud.com/Sonic92/old...0417-dj-sonic/
    00:00 - Sonic '92

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    Here's the links to my set from the night...

    You can listen via Mixcloud on this link:

    Oldskoolanthemz Live Radio Set (01/04/17) by Adam Wilson | Mixcloud

    or you can download the full set from this link:

    Download Adam Wilson - OSA 88-89 Special 17-04-01.mp3 from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

    Hope you enjoy if you missed it. :-)
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    "Everyone gets caught up in ths f**ing categorizing shit, but at the end of the day you've got good shit and bad shit. You've got music you can feel and music you just want to throw away."

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    Massive respect to all the DJs who played - some wikid sets there

    I caught most sets on the day and have also checked out the ones I missed

    Lots of tunes Iv not heard, don't hear enuff along with some ace classics.

    Great to see Adam play a set, Sonic playing more regular (put a tracky up as lots I didn't recognise ya twat!), the fairly new DJs, the regs, and of course massive respect to Billy Rave for all the effort he puts in for us all

    Check Out my OSA DJ Profile - contains links to a few of my mixes including my OSA & Timeless competition winning mix exclusively available to gold members

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