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Thread: Old OSA Show From 24th May 2012

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    Old OSA Show From 24th May 2012

    Out of all the shows I've done here only 1 was recorded and remains in the Jonathan1990 achieves on House Mixes from 24th May 2012. It has all the tunes I used to play that got wiped when the old computer broke. You can hear the mix in the link below.

    Jonathan1990 Live On OSA 24.05.12 by Jonathan1990 (Old Skool Mix)

    1. An Unknown Intro
    2. Robin S Luv 4 Luv
    3. Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax 93
    4. Gabriel Dreams
    5. I Got The Music
    6. Everybody Dance (Remix From A 70s Disco Tune)
    7. Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley Cover Remix)
    8. Black Box - Rockin' To The Music
    9. Inner City Good Life 93
    10. Talkin' About
    11. Mr. Jackson
    12. Let This Feeling
    13. To The Rhythm
    14. Sentuary Of Love
    15. Feels Like I'm In Love
    16. I Want You All Night
    17. The Throb Megamix
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