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Thread: Small Vinyl Bundle

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    Jan 2011

    Small Vinyl Bundle

    Been sorting through the racks tidying up and came across several doubles. Looking for 20 for the lot including shipping via Paypal. Different styles, so ideal for someone looking to fill holes in their collections. All are NM with NM sleeves

    Zee - 'Dreamtime' (Quivver remix)

    Zee* - Dreamtime at Discogs

    Sonic Solution - 'Bagdad'

    Sonic Solution - Arab Girl / Bagdad at Discogs

    Stereogen - 'Hi-Q' and Xen Mantra - 'Golden Delicious' (Dandelion and Burdock mix)

    Xen Mantra / Stereogen / Madagascar (2) - Golden Delicious / Hi-Q / Madagascar (Vinyl) at Discogs

    Sultana - 'Te Amo (John Digweed remixes)

    Sultana - Te Amo (Vinyl) at Discogs

    Self Preservation Society - 'The Whoop'

    Self Preservation Society - The Whoop at Discogs

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    Jan 2011
    Woah. Loving the auto-formatting.

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