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Thread: Monthly OSA Special Sets

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    Mar 2012
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    Lightbulb Monthly OSA Special Sets

    A few people have mentioned they would like to hear themed days/nights that are genre/style specific.
    If it's a go - how about alternate Sundays to chart show?

    1 - Does this interest you as a DJ or listener?
    2 - DJ's what's the best for availability? Is Sunday afternoon into evening ok? - other suggestions ?
    3 - What styles? genres?

    discuss . . .

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    Think it's a great idea

    Being a right lazy sod might force me to dig a few out rather than wing it.

    There's lots of themes you could do:


    You could give the dj a directive - eg Italo night or 1991 or maybe let the Dj pick and post it up in advance.

    Sunday prob best - I'll often be watchin footy in afternoon or doin family business but will try n lock or play a set?

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    I can do a happy hardcore set once a month... give the vinyl an outing

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