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Thread: zone lets get it right

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    Sep 2002

    zone lets get it right

    I thought i'd better drop everyone a line just to set the record straight about Zone and end all the speculation's
    that has been created over the last few weeks.
    My brother phil runs melody house and i own zone.
    zone is a promotion company that has always been upfront
    with it's musik. It had a dodgy time when progssive
    musik came out so i took a year out.
    All the dj's wanted to play the musik but
    it did not do zone any favours
    (no arms in the air)
    matt bell, jhon j, dave taylor ,stu davies all sold
    tere zone tunes to phil to persue a career in hard house / progressive dj's andy pendle followd.
    after a year off We had the options to do some nights at maximes. It has been a long struggle to keep these nights going
    but after a change in our musik policy to up front vocal armsin the air and a change in our dj line up our night's our once again topping the full house mark. We play for the crowd and always have. As long as we are supported ZONE will stay alive.
    and at maximes see you all soon and
    new years eve p.a.ing our new tune!

    debby d
    thanks to
    andy d
    garry hypnotic
    peter m
    and lez

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    Feb 2002
    Thanks for clearin shit up ! Let em know who's boss lol

    Whats happening on new years eve ?

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    Nov 2002
    In reply to most peoples precption of Zone being the be all and end all in Blackpool may i point out the following. Blackpool had much more to offer than just Zone dont get me wrong Zone WAS good but there was much more going on for instance there was OZ (bringing SASHA to Blackpool aswell as Dick Jonson Hacienda resiedent for four years now biggest Dj in New Zealand and owner of Shaboom records and later myself and Moz), there was The LoveShack (Spaceface & Moz) Sequins (Dj XTC mark and Funky B barry) Cyberjoose events not to mention HACKETTS and Shaboom . Dont get me wrong Zone was Good but when they lost the services of Matt Bell probably the most complete Dj i have heard with excellent all round skills and amazing style they should have put Zone to bed and bowed out as legends, as events were put on tring to recreate "The old vibe " this was never acheived.
    Last edited by butty; 27th November 2002 at 07:01 PM.

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    Jul 2001
    Oz91 ive edited your post as we dont do dissin on here. yes its fine to have an opinion n to voice it but just because somebody likes a different style of music than you that doesnt mean there a muppet.

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    Sep 2001
    north west london

    andy d zone

    is there a zone website mate?
    My old skool mixes for you


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    Feb 2002
    Alans site is good some pics up of previous nights and stuff


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