Got my decks fixed after not using them for a couple of years so heres the first recorded mix ive done in awhile.
Full of pianos and perfect for the summer

Peace and Harmony - Brothers in Rhythm
Rubarb and Custard - Shaft
Can't Hold Back - Dj Flavours
Pump This Party - PCP vol3
Keep Warm - Jinny
Trip to Trumpton - Urban Hype
Feel this Way - Rachel Wallace
Anthem - Njoi
Insanity (dream tripper mix) - Oceanic
Exctasy - Control
The Pleasure of Music - Ester B
Rockin Romance - Joy Salinas
The Wickedist Sound (swemix remix) - Rebel Mc
Rich ah Getting Richer (orchestral instrumental - Rebel Mc
Never Give You Up (pka club mix) - Jinny
Everyday - Dj Pierre