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Thread: Equipment advice required

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    Aug 2006
    newton heath

    Equipment advice required

    I am finally going to take the plunge and try to throw a few beats together. I do not have a clue what I am doing but we all have to start somewhere.
    The general consensus is that I need at least Logic Pro 9. But what is the spec requirement for a mac I would require to run it smoothly?

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    Oct 2015

    About putting beats together

    It's not just Logic Pro that you can use industry standard in nearly every studio is pro tools but it depends on what kind of beats and the reason performing Abeleton is a better idea as its got Ableton live which is great for midi performance live there's also FL Studio 12 Which is good in its own way they all have pro & cons it's a case of trying tham out and seeing what suits you feel free to get in touch regarding any of theses DAW'S which my company sells and other production equipment aswell is and also can give you one on one tutorials hope that this helps one last thing these all work on windows apart from Logic Pro X

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