Hi everyone,

Got into house/dance/techno at the KU CLub in huddersfield in abt '89 and loved it ever since
I started Djing at abt 17-18 when we used to all get together with a set of turntables in my house
after seeing how it was done. My first one bought from carboot at 3.50 ( hey it had a pitch control...my second didn't so had to manually keep it up with the other tune
Spent most of Raving days either in huddersfield or the Gallery in Leeds (Still number one club in my eyes)
Love Dj Sy (Scratching god) and tried scratchin and found i was actually quite good at it ( i think) ha ha

Slowly built up my collection of classics and probably have in the region of 2000 vinyl records.

Hope to play a bit more on here soon.