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Thread: Question

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    I was just wondering why I cannot gain any form of access to the Gold Membership aspects of this official website.

    Am I right in thinking that as long as you post 50 messages that an administrator will activate privileges, which at this present juncture I myself cannot receive.

    As I do not partake in any form of social networking for instance Facebook, would this mean, in effect that I am not able to partake in listening to any dj mixes? The mere fact that I do not own a credit card is also a major factor as well.

    I do not know where I presently stand with this gold membership.

    Thanks for being patient and I very much look forward to your reply, either by email or notification.

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    Aug 2008
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    You need to make 50 posts into the forum. This is a fairly new idea to try get people involved. Your posts should be of reaonable interest to forum users. This is to stop you posting inane shit and getting your count of 50 up. Feel free to post as much inane shit as you wish once you reach the 50 mark. Everyone else does.

    A mod should activate your gold status once you've reached the top! Although the site doesn't get moderated that much these days as I think they all group wank over on facefook...

    Good luck anyway, there is a thread somewhere that details all this. I'll have a look, save me typing all this out.... DOH!!

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    exactly what sam said above mate, join in on the forum, get up to 50 posts in the forums and we'll get ya activated

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