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Thread: Mestura presents - x-press 2 - 20 yrs - zanzibar - liverpool - 1st dec

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    Mestura presents - x-press 2 - 20 yrs - zanzibar - liverpool - 1st dec

    Mestura presents


    X-PRESS 2



    Tickets 8.00

    10.00 otd

    10.00PM TILL 4.00AM

    Tickets from 3B Records, Liverpool


    The Zanzbar

    link for tickets


    X-Press 2 Music for the Dance Floor . Pure and Simple.

    With an adventurous outlook on DJ'in and skills to back it up, its hard to believe that X-Press 2 have been at the vanguard of British electronic music for two decades now. Whether its as musicians, DJs or remixers, the London duo share the same sense of musical discovery that first united them on the acid-house dance floors of Shoom and Spectrum and the Balearic playgrounds of Ibiza. A pioneering spirit that fuelled early Nineties underground anthems such as the percussive, US-influenced Muzik Express and London X Press. And why not? Chutzpah that helped them create languid deep house classics like Lazy and Give It with vocalists as unlikely - yet inspired - as David Byrne of Talking Heads and Kurt Wagner of Lambchop. A DJ bravado that led to them thinking, two decks are for wimps. Why not six or seven? Why not twelve?

    The Three Musketeers have recently become two, with the departure of Ashley Beedle, persuing a solo carrer, but its full steam ahead for remaining members Rocky and Diesel. Delivering the same classic liquid House sets they are known and respected for the world throughout! using of none other than 4 Decks and on 2 mixers!

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