RIVERDANCE 16 “The Master Does It”

Well Boat party cru its that time again- After last years change in ownership and subsequent great boat party, we truly think we did Riverdance proud and kept the majority of it true to its core values that makes this event so special and so sought after in the oldskool calendar. We had some very special sets last year and 1 in particular was very very special for anyone that was there to witness it and probably wont be seen again!
This year we are now looking to the future and we have taken the decision to get a bigger boat- Last year we had to let a lot of people down because there was simply no more room on the boat- We found it very hard to say NO even to close mates and we don’t want to be in that position again this year. So after careful selection with plenty of scouting and groundwork put in on many boats- we found the perfect boat and this year we will be aboard
THE DUTCH MASTER. Now they have had a change of ownership themselves and having met them on 3 occasions on discussions for riverdance, these guys are totally with it and having had other rave events on the boat they know what its all about.
It will be at a different pier this year also- At TOWER MILLENIUM PIER...this is at tower hill so only a few minutes further than previous RIVERDANCE boat parties. This in turn is now only a 5 minute walk away from the VM AFTERPARTY @ club 2AD so will be much easier for you guys to enjoy more without the hassles of travelling and should make this years afterparty the best yet!

Unlike other boat parties thats happening we are still £25 which includes afterparty , full 6 hours and amazing lineup with top class sound system-

This years line up as every year is a tough one- we could easily of had the same line up as last year as every dj smashed it last time out. But as ever with RIVERDANCE we like to promote different talent, give others opportunities and debuts as much as possible. So this year we give you first time ever DOUBLE HEADLINER and a 3 DEX SPECIAL- so here is the line up-

JEDI.... This guy has been in and around the scene since 94 keeping it very much "underground" with his sound, a quality mixer and has a great tune selection. He is a top bloke and res cru are glad to have him back on the boat this year.

FAYDZ and TWISTA back2back 3 dex special....Now these boyz have been around for a long time with their unique sound and style, they are in demand up and down the country and After last years stormer of a last set from FAYDZ we had no hesitation in wanting him back, but this time with his partner in crime TWISTA- who will be making his debut on the boat. These guys will be doing first time ever on the boat “3 dex special”.

J.C –Some say he uses to much moisturizer to warrant his baby faced assassin looks, some say he is too nice a bloke , some even say he is slipmatts love child but most say the” kid” is one of the best beat matchers on the circuit and has a fantastic back catalogue only on vinly- again we will be in for a magical dose of JC.

SLIPMATT ...He needs no introduction really as this geezer has been in the scene from the very beginning, played at every major event that’s gone before. His TUNE selection is regarded by many to be the very best in the business especially of late digging deep down into his archives! He is one of the nicest guys on the block and We are proud to have him back on the boat and doing his thing.

DOC SCOTT... Holy Smoke have we got a GEM for you guys here.
A "Legend" in his own right. this man was playing out and mixing SHIZZLE when a lot of us were STILL in nappies LOL!
He is 1 of the very few ORIGINATORS of the scene and once again was one of the main men behind great early tunes and PIONEERED those big events back in the day and help to propel the sound in the right direction. Doc is a firm favourite on the scene notably through metalheadz nights.
This will also be DOC’S Debut on the boat and he will be playing a proper 92-93 hardcore jungletekno set which could just be the killer set of the day!!!

DJ VIBES.... Well not much can be said about this fella other than he supports a dodgy football team and likes to wear equally dodgy wigs LOL!!! No in all honesty he is a top guy, great dj and always a pleasure to have him on board. Last year he served up a real treat of a set from his very own back catalogue and we are looking forward to what he has in store this time around.

MC STRICT.... Well like Vibes not much can be said other than dodgy dungarees LOL ...again though Riverdance wont be Riverdance without this fella, he knows just how this party ticks , knows when to talk and knows when NOT!!
A true master of ceremonies a real gentleman and all round good guy- again a pleasure.

MC LYRICAL GROOVER...This guy will be making his RIVERDANCE debut, a cheeky chappy with always a smile on his face and a top MC in his own right, we are pleased to introduce him to the riverdance cru.

We also have our great VOODOO MAJIK afterparty now only a stones throw from the boat .so it could be a mammoth one this year-

Line up-

Slipmatt...second set from the master and he never disappoints.

Maverick... Well after meeting this guy for the first time on last years boat party and finding out more about him i was keen to listen to what he could do- I did and i liked and after many positive comments by other people in the scene- so we want him to be apart this year and show you guys what he can do!

Sense.... A great dj of all things jungle and drum&bass with great mixing and awesome selection of tunes and after last years fantastic back to back and being from “my block” he was always a shoe in!

Ruffnek.... Will be digging deep in the crates with some rare bizznizz that rarely gets played out.

We have also teamed up once again with YERK AUDIO and WATTS UP that provided you guys with what many people said one of the best sound systems on the boat in a very long time- And this year they are gonna be putting out all the stops with some extra special surprises for you lot- so watch this space!!

There will also be FREE RD merchandise on the day and we hope some of you will be wearing last years T-shirts with pride!

So with all this in mind the day and night looks to be a STORMER.
Riverdance policy is simple........
Over 18s

Riverdance 16 “the master does it” =


Please please be aware that this as EVERY YEAR sells out way in advance with NO tickets on the door on the day- so you are strongly advised to get them online early – You can do this by going to http://www.RESONANCE1.NET and click on tickets, where you will be told how to pay through PAYPAL ONLY .