We speak to Ian Bland the man behind the massive Dream Frequency. Lets see what the guy whom is responsible for taking us to the top and made us feel so real has to say for himself!


How did Dream Frequency come to be?

I started DF in 1990 as i'd been into house music since 87 and fancied making some tunes !

Out of all the Dream Frequency tracks you have made what is in your eyes your finest work and why?

Take me' and 'Feel so real' , I wrote them quite close together and they both gave me the goosebumps!

Do you still enjoy doing PA's after doing them for so many years?
Always, especially if the crowd are up for it.

The name Dream Frequency where did it come from?

I wanted the name 'dream' something and then we simply looked down a record chart back in 1990 and saw the word 'frequency' ..the rest is history ! LOL

What music style really gets you moving these days?

Loving the Electro house at the mo especially D. Ramirez, but I will always be a raver in my heart

Does it surprise you to see tracks that you knocked together 15 years ago still rocking the dancefloors today?

Yes ..it did back then and it still does, quite humbling.

Did you write the theme music for the tv show 'waterfront'?

No ,but i'll take the credit if it's good hahah

Whats your most memorable moment?

Playing a wicked new years eve gig in adelaide Australia 93 and then having a private jet take us back to melbourne the same night , about the nearest I'll ever get to being Bono LOL

Nowadays you have one of the best PA shows out there, including some performances with angle grinders. has there been any accidents with the power tools?

Danny (the dancer) nearly electrocuted himself in Ireland ...which was funny

How would you say things are different now to 'back then'?

We're all a lot older and the scene is now mainstream accepted and marketed, that's not to say there's no great tunes or artists coming through, but back then we felt like pioneers, both as clubbers and producers.


Big big thanks to Ian for taking time out to answer the questions for us, reeespect!

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