Tony Ross was one of the regular players on the scene back in the day, he's toured the world with 808 state and been on many a line up alongside some chap called sasha, time to give him a grilling!...


How long have you been playing and what got you started?

Ive been djing since 87, my brother was a mobile dj and we worked together in his shop in Salford, he used to send me to spin inn records on a sat and I got talking to russ behind the counter when house first filtering through. I was hooked straight away and it all went from there.

Whats your biggest memory from back in the day?

My biggest memory would be when I djed at the gmex supporting 808 state, it was the height of the madchester scene and tickets were like gold dust, the night was just unbelievable.

Whats your favourite track?

Fave track is Frankie Knuckles - Your Love (click here to listen), I was at the first all night rave in Rochdale in 89, id just sold Jon Da Silva your love on the wednesday at spin inn and he played it just as the sun was commin up. Magical

You were billed here there and everywhere back in the day and then disappeared. How come?

Yeah I had lots of work between 87 & 92 but around 92 in my opinion the music went really bad and too commercial and I found it hard to get motivated by the stuff comin out. At the end of 92 I was aked to go and live in Oz DJ'ing out there so I thought why not, done that for a while then came home and just lost intrest in the whole scene.

Do you find it surprising that the music made over a decade ago is still alive and kicking?

Im not supprised music from a decade + ago because they were for the most part different from each other, its all just syles and formats now so theres no individuality.

You are responsible for the stonking tune Q-Sound - Goodnight. What was it like working on that tune?

Yeah Q-Sound was just something that we went into the studio without any idea's we just booked the time.
We made it over a 72 hour period fueled by weed & e's!
It was about 30 hours before we wrote anything and then it all just came into place
As far as life achievments go that is something i will always be proud, because in my opinion (which aint worth much) it was a beutifull thing & it meant so much to a lot of people, this makes me most proud as thats why i made it. For people to enjoy.

You appeared on the same line up as Sasha back in the day, how does it feel to have been on the same line up as to whom is nowadays arguably the worlds biggest DJ's and what is the man himself really like?

Worked and lived with Sasha for about 3 years back in the day, it was really crazy times for us, we were working all over the world and having a great time doing it, last time I saw him we were both working in Oz on new years eve in 93, he was and I suppose is quite a cool guy.

We can hear you a lot on OSA radio these days, any chance of playing for us at a future OSA event
Deffo gonna be doing an osa nite soon just waiting for the powers that be to sort it (*wel sort it!! )

Is your collection primarily vinyl or do you use digital formats at all? How big would you say your collection is?

My collection is about 12000 strong and all vinyl, 1 do also have cd mixers and use them for when I cant find a tune that ive got on vinyl.

Whats your thoughts on the future of the classic tunes?

I think the classic tunes will always be there because they are memories for people more than anything, they take them back to a good time in there lives.


Many thanks to Tony for taking time out to answer the questions for us and keep a ear out for him playing live on OSA Radio!!