'Nothing is forever' is one of the classic anthems of the 90's. A track that still gets requested and one that never fails to get the dancefloor bouncing, we speak to Ged Mcgrath one of the band members of Ultracynic


Where does the name Ultracynic stem from and how did the band come together?

When we first started the band, we struggled to find a suitable name. We had a few different names, before we all decided on Ultracynic.
We were all a bit cynical at the time so that is how we came up with the cynic part and Ultra seem to fit with it.We all were at college together and we decided to form a band so we could play the college's band night.

'Nothing is forever' was and still is a massive tune. What was it like working on it?

When we wrote it, we didn't realise how the big the tune would become. This was the first time we went into the recording studio and we put down 4 tracks on the first ep.

We believed that another tune on the original ep 'It's Too Late' would be better received than the other tracks, we were surprised that Nothing is Forever had the impact it did.

There was a rumour back in the day that 'nothing is forever' was a tribute to a young girl, is this true and if so what's the story behind it?

No its not. I have heard this rumour before but it has nothing to do with a young girl.

What was the most memorable PA you have done?

We have a done loads of great PA's, Angels, Hacienda, The Academy however the best has to be Bowlers. We played there twice and both times, the place was rocking, the size of the place and also the crowd were fantastic! Great nights!

Have you made music since the mid-90's and if so can we hear it?

The last time we made music together was as AFC Botswana, the last release was 1996.
Since then one of the band mates, Alex has released records under the name Weekender.

What are the band members up to nowadays, did Sarah go on to make any other tracks?

I am working in IT. Alex has his own design company and the other band mate Tim has sadly passed away in 2001. I am not sure what Sarah is up to now. As far as I am aware, I don't think she made any other tracks.

The original white label Ultracynic EP had some other credible tunes on it, how come they didnt get a release?

One of the tunes 'It's Too Late' was on the B side of the official Nothing is Forever release. I think the record company didn't particularly like the other tracks on the EP.

What were your influences music wise whilst making the tunes you did?

We were all into the dance scene at the time so we were influenced by the music which was around at the time. That's when dance music was music!

Any 'eek' moments that you can recall, bad PA's?, nightmare scenarios? etc, prey tell!

One was we did a under 18's rave (don't laugh) in Oldham and we did the PA, however the promoter did a runner before paying us! (cheers mate!)

Getting throw out of the VIP area in the Hacienda for being too pissed after doing a PA!
When we performed at our college band night, there was an article in the Manchester Evening news press the same day about us and it mentioned that we were playing a gig at our college band night.
As a result, loads of people turned up to watch it (who were not students of the college, so they shouldn't be allowed in) and caused a mini riot by trying to get into the event!
On Monday morning, we all hauled into the headmistresses office for a right bollocking!

How does it make you feel that a track you knocked up over 15 years ago is still rocking dancefloors today?

I didn't know it still was!
15 years ago, I feel like an old man now!
I feel privileged that people still like the track and that everybody seems to have a happy memory/moment in time where they remember where track was playe


Many thanks to Ged for taking time out to answer the questions for us