There is a time long forgotten, well before the new millennium, there was the birth of something special, in some places of worship it was like the second coming and yes we mean Jesus.

Its been a long time time coming but the Old sk0ol generation has returned to its spiritual home of the Manchester city clubbing Environment.

REMINISCE, finally here to bring all disciples back to the alter with the best in true old sk0ol, classic house and rave tunes and anthems from pre 2000. True to form we have OSA's very own Butty on during the night along with Clublands Classics Maestro Dave Ellis....

Our ideas are simple, our aim clear we long for the good old days... its something we can all relate too be it from the original garage days of the 80's to the hedonistic times of the 90's and into the unknowns of Y2K...

For those of slightly different classic tastes we have 'Groove'... Which will feature Nev Johnson and friends in the bar and lounge playing Motown, funk and pre 2000 RnB... none of this modern rubbish

REMINISCE is coming to Manchester and is proud to say on the 15TH of July will launch at a name that has become associated like no other in the clubbing scene in Manchester and indeed the North over the last 10 years... 'Venus'.

So in the city where it all began, we are here to bring back the simple days, where the music mattered, not what you wear or how much you earn, it's about the attitude... and boy do we mean that, you show up in an adidas top and a smile as wide as the M602 and you'll get in, waltz up with 'tude like your a wrong un and you may as well get on the bus... thats not how we play ball. We will have our own door team on during the 15th and of course every night after (once per month) so for those that have ever had issues getting in, fear not. we are a relaxed and friendly bunch!

Positive Attitude will get our Gratitude...

5 smackers before midnight and 8 after... Ladies or men in wigs/shaved legs free before 12! You cant ask much more for that, a big new night throwing out 90's entry fee's! OSA members at 5 all night!!
So come and enjoy the return of true classics, in the surroundings of Venus the Club, welcome back, feel free to appreciate and worship the original house tunes, which have been enjoyed over the last 30 years and will no doubt be remembered for alot longer.

If anyone requires info on our table service on the night contact

For general info go to or contact us on either or on 07963206009

much love! x